interior design 3dsmax
interior design 3dsmax


Visualising software for interior designers and architects

SketchUp is a 3D design software & is used for a wide range of 3D modelling projects, like architectural and interior design. This means one can create visuals, animations, and models using images and architectural drawings from AutoCAD, PDF, Revit, and so on.

Course content

The course covers the basics of SketchUp and takes you through the design tasks involved in architectural visualisation and landscape design. You will learn advanced uses of SketchUp, not only in creating architectural computer graphics or modelling architectural structures, but also in creating technical documents. The course will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to SketchUp

  • Drawing Tools

  • Selection & Modify Tools

  • Tape Measure Tool & Protractor Tool Annotating Model & Matching a photo to a Model

  • Components & Groups

  • Grouping Geometry

  • Controlling visibility with layers

  • Viewing a Model & Scenes

  • Applying Materials & Textures

  • 3D Model to 2D Documentation

Who will benefit?

SketchUp software is used for visualisation by the project team as well as for rendering photorealistic images for customers. It is also used for creating professional-quality presentations of designs for sales purposes in the Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE) domain.

Why learn SketchUp with us?
  • Government accredited course

  • Practical approach to subjects

  • Exposure to real-world projects

  • Trainers with hands on experience

  • Worldwide certification approval

  • Industry experts approved curriculum

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